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Passenger App

Easy to use rebranded passenger app for your booking office. 
GPS locates the current address, driver details are sent once assigned. 


Check up on cars. See real time location and status of the fleet. List hire history, total revenue and routes taken for each journey.

Passenger app

The rebranded passenger app is easy to use for all ages. Open the App, press on “Call” and a car will assigned right away showing details and distance.

Great Idea Why in the world would you ever phone a taxi when this app is available? The concept is brilliant and I can see it taking off very quickly. Taxi drivers spend a fortune hiring a radio/equipment each week/month which drives the cost of your local taxi ride up. An app like this can make savings for the drivers which ultimately can be passed on to us the end user.

Robert Hughes

vToms Dispatch is designed for booking offices or for small groups of drivers

Fill in the demo request form to try vToms Dispatch for a limited time, then decided if it is the right platform for your goals

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