Become a Driver

Becoming a vToms Driver is easy and by following the few simple steps detailed below you will be up and running in minutes. Before we do that, let's cover some important aspects of the vToms Driver App and how it operates.


vToms is designed for use by fully licensed drivers with all necessary authorisation to operate as a Taxi/Private hire from the local authority. Upon registering on vToms you will be asked to complete information which will then be sent to your local authority for verification that you are a registered driver within that authority. Once confirmed, you will be able to use vToms in the normal fashion. If the local authority returns a negative response, your account will be frozen until the necessary requirements have been met. Passengers downloading the vToms Passengers app (your passengers) have to know that you do everything possible to ensure their safety.


How much does vToms cost? Perhaps the easiest way to think of how vToms charges is like a mobile phone with a top up plan. vToms will charge £2.50 per one credit that represents a 24 hour count down from the time you log-on. Credits will be sold in packs ie 10, 20, 30 etc.. The very first time that you will use vToms and log on to the system the 24 hour count down begins and a credit is deducted from your account. Lets say you logged on at 10 am, a credit is deducted and that triggers the 24 hour countdown. You are free to use vToms until 10 am the next morning after which you log off and decided to go out to work again at 7pm. When you log on at 7pm this will trigger a new 24 hour countdown and a credit is deducted covering you until 7pm the next day. If you decide to take a break and not work for a day or two, your remaining credits are held in your account untouched. So no more paying for days you don't work.


vToms itself does not have any passengers, unlike the traditional booking office where you, as a driver, are assigned a job, we are different. Passengers download the app and start to use it, if they like your service then they can add you to their list of favourite drivers and then make direct bookings with you in the future. So in a sense it is up to drivers to cultivate their own passengers. Many drivers already do this by taking mobile phone calls direct from passengers but think about your insurance (it will most probably be void if you operate like this). For a small fee you can keep yourself legal by using your own booking office. All vToms does here is allow the passenger to connect directly to the driver without an intermediate. Now that is out of the way, lets get downloading! Click on the google play logo to take you to Download vToms Driver for Anroid or iOS vToms Driver app, go ahead and install it. For now it is FREE during final testing. We will go through the different screen shots that will be presented as we go.

vToms Driver Guide

Starting app

On opening vToms Driver, the following screen is presented. Internal checks are made to make sure that the device can communicate with our servers and the device has GPS and lastly, if the version installed is the most recent to continue connecting to our server.

Keep in mind:
  • A dedicated data plan is required
  • In car charger is required
  • GPS needs a clear sky view
  • Hire history can be accessed even when internet is down
  • Mount device safely to avoid distractions

Registration Process

Complete driver and car details are required and will be subject to verification form the issuing local licensing authority, please take the time necessary to avoid error that may result in account suspension.

Required details:
  • Valid email address (verification code is sent)
  • Password creation
  • Full driver details

Reg. Car details

The second tab of the registrations form is for the vehicle details. Make sure to full in and select the options correctly.

Required details:
  • Plate number
  • Licensing authority
  • Car registration
  • Make/model/colour
  • Class: Taxi / Private Hire
  • Max. seats
  • Extra options for passengers
  • Lastly, tick our user agreement
Congratulations! After receiving an email with the verification code submit this when prompted, registration is now complete and vToms Driver is ready to use!