Virtual Transport Organisation Management system
vToms (Europe) Ltd is an Independent International Company

In the early 1990’s a Scottish Taxi Company was one of the first companies in the UK to computerise its taxi fleet. Back then the software was known as TOMS. Later with over 30 years experience behind them, the management decided it was time to move on and re-develop their software to meet the growing demands of the general public and the taxi trade.

In 2012 they began a new phased development of their software. The team were fully aware that the software would have to work for both Taxi and Private hire operators working as individuals and obtaining work from passengers who require their services and began developing a Driver App with this in mind. They were also aware that the general public had a right of choice and started work on a Passenger App that would give the public that right of choice, i.e. a wheelchair accessible vehicle, a large capacity vehicle or even one where they could take their pet on the journey without any problem. They also realised that hotels, restaurants, pubs, clubs etc may want their own in-house system and worked with this also in mind.

With smart phones and tablet devices flooding the market it was clear in the early days that the software would have to operate on both, as well as laptop and desktop computers compatible with any running operating system, without the need for any other equipment. Hence virtual TOMs began development.

The vToms app can potentially revolutionise the way in which personal transport hire functions. The program offers passengers a simple and reliable method in which to book and hire a vehicle, and offers operators a more accurate and efficient method of obtaining bookings.

vToms has a strong team of programmers and designers who are constantly monitoring the progress of the vToms system, and who will continue to upgrade the system for the benefit of both operators, drivers and passengers.

Soon the team will be moving to a new building where it all began back in the early 90’s at:
17 Thornhill, Johnstone, PA5 8JQ, Renfrewshire, Scotland.
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Tel: +44 (0)5603678607