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Gone are the days of making a phone call for a car. Passengers are demanding more functionality and more control over how to request a car. Our passion is helping the taxi industry to gain lost ground and to recover their passengers. vToms is designed and built to offer solutions that strike the perfect balance between users, business, costs, and technology.

vToms Driver


Onward Taxi Solutions is an auction site where drivers can bid on hires that passengers have requested. This will help generate hires for taxi drivers. 100% of earning generated from this acution site is the drivers income. The only requirement is that the driver be logged in via vToms Driver app to be able to participate.

Auction site


Taxi & Private Hire drivers will discover that by adopting vToms with the goal of making the app the main source of work
will help earn more money and provide a better service
to their own passengers.

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Introducing vToms!


Driver Savings

vToms costs £17.50 (or less) per week. Based on a credit system where one credit costs £2.50 and represents 24 hours useage on the app and other services such as auction site. After the 24 hour countdown has completed, no further credits will be deducted until the next login which enables another 24 hours.


Safety First

Safety is a big issue with us. All vToms drivers must be licensed taxi or private hire and are crossed referenced with their local licensing authorities for validation. Passengers can view drivers in real time via vToms Passenger, even add certain drivers to their favourite list making them easier to visualise on the map.

New approach

New approach

vToms is a new innovative approach to the industry. Technology is advancing and so must taxis and private hire. Ever thought about opening your own booking office but the costs / risks are too high? The concept behind vToms is to give drivers their own virtual booking office at next to no overheads or investments. Share hires that you cannot commit to with other independent vToms drivers, they will do the same for you!

vToms app

It's great that you have come to visit and are looking for more information on what vToms is all about and how it works. vToms system is divided into two parts, the vToms Driver and the vToms Passenger app. More info on both apps can be found on each by following the links in the main menu.

Currently avaible though Google Play and Apple's app store

Key points for driver and passengers:

  • Drivers
  • Runs on all smartphones
  • Easy account keeping
  • Flexibility
  • Low cost
  • Passengers
  • View full details
  • 6+ months history
  • Favourite lists
  • Real time ETA

vToms Perks

Flexible Hours

Drivers only pay for the use of vToms, once the credit is used, you may login / logout as many times required within that 24 hours, no other credits are deducted until a new login has been initiated.

Work for YOU!

Why work for a booking office when you can run your very own with vToms. Or run both along side each other while you build up passengers with vToms.

Virtual office

By using vToms instead of taking work from the traditional booking office will result in generated savings, reinvest those savings into promoting your own virtual booking office for better rewards!.